Mountain Mama Spirits®️ was born from the belief that America's best recipes are those that have been handed down from generation to generation. The time tested secret recipes of America's Appalachian moonshiners- unavailable to the general public until now- have finally been given a legal home in Kingwood, West Virginia. 

The recipes we bring to the public honor the same recipes that have been passed down for generations by the families of the distillers who work with us. We work with only the best distillers and moonshiners, ensuring the drinks we produce are as close to the original recipes as is legally possible. 

Our goal is to create the best drink possible, while creating jobs that support the moonshine families that trust us with their secret family recipes.

"Mountain Mama Spirits", "Here's To Appalachia" and "Ancient Grains Vodka" are a Trademark of Mountain Mama Distillery, Inc. Copyright © 2018
Please drink responsibly.

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